Wellbeing Negatively Affected …

Wellbeing Negatively Affected …


  • 81% felt negative emotions whilst on work trips such as stress, anxiety, exhaustion and loneliness
  • 60% suffered from or know a colleague impacted by harassment or exclusion when travelling on business

Wellbeing is a major issue for business travellers, with eight in 10 (81%) saying they have felt negative emotions whilst on work trips, including stress (22%), anxiety (18%), exhaustion (18%) and loneliness (17%), according to a new Opinium* survey of 500 UK business travellers commissioned by World Travel Protection, a leading global travel assistance organisation.

Over three-quarters (77%) have also seen their work affected on a business trip by issues such as stress and anxiety (21%), jetlag and general tiredness (19%) and language barriers (19%).

Furthermore, 60% have been impacted or know a colleague who has suffered from some form of harassment or exclusion when travelling on business. This includes unwanted attention due to their sexuality (15%) and racial abuse or being side-lined or not taken seriously in a meeting due to their ethnicity (13%). More than one in ten (12%) have felt the need to hide their or a colleague’s sexuality.

Nearly three-quarters (73%) say employee wellbeing is a priority for their organisation yet only just over half (55%) say that they don’t feel their wellbeing is taken seriously, with under 34s (58%) most likely to feel this, compared to over 45s (34%).

Luke Banks, Regional Chief Medical Officer UK / Europe, World Travel Protection, says, “Looking after your staff’s wellbeing is crucial, especially when they’re working overseas. Not only is it the right thing to do, but it is actually an investment, as an individual’s poor wellbeing will have a significant effect on their productivity and effectiveness at work.”

*Opinium online survey conducted with 500 UK business travellers, who travel internationally for business at least once a year, between 12 – 19 May 2022.

About World Travel Protection

For 30 years, World Travel Protection (WTP) has taken care of corporate and leisure travellers across the globe by providing access to 24-hour emergency assistance.

In addition to support services for medical, travel, and security emergencies, WTP – part of the Zurich Insurance Group – educates and trains businesses to mitigate exposure to inherent risks associated with travelling abroad. Emergency assistance encompasses medical case management, evacuation & repatriation together with providing access to virtual care services (telehealth) and security intelligence.

A key foundational component of a leading assistance provider is its global network. WTP’s GlobalCare Network ensures our customers have access to over 20,000 providers worldwide. Millions of travellers place their trust in WTP each year for assistance across 200 countries. For more information, visit www.worldtravelprotection.com.

World Travel Protection is a trading name of Cover-More Insurance Services Limited

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