Souters VA Graduate scoops UK Best Newcomer VA 2019

Sarah Szekir-Papasavva trading as aptVA – UK Best Newcomer VA 2019

Apt Virtual Assistance (AptVA) has won its first accolade with less than a year in business, collecting the coveted ‘UK Best Newcomer VA 2019’ award at this year’s UK VA Awards. AptVA saw off tough competition from three very strong VA startup finalists at the ever-popular VA Conference, held within the PA Show at Olympia London at the end of February.

AptVA’s founder and Virtual Assistant is Sarah Szekir-Papasavva. Sarah comes from an artistic background, having studied a Masters’ Degree in Fine Art at the University of Leeds before training as an Executive PA, and then as a Virtual Assistant through Souters Training, London.

A highly organised and experienced PA, Sarah founded AptVA in 2018, looking to achieve a better work/life balance that would suit her young family. She now enjoys supporting small business owners and individuals in doing the same: ‘I believe both my artistic and business backgrounds – as well as my dedication to running my own company – are key elements that allow me to stand out in my field. I work quickly, efficiently and creatively, which means my work is great value for money for my clients, who can then spend their time doing what they do best or enjoy the most.’

Sarah’s passion, expertise and keen attention to detail has seen the Limited Company grow quickly, attaining the prestigious award this year and propelling its growth to include a wide range of administrative and creative services tailored to clients from a rich and varied mix of industries.

Sarah is happy to talk to anyone about her work and can be contacted at


Souters celebrating VA Graduate’s success …

Souters were delighted and gladly congratulates Sarah Szekir-Papasavva for winning such a prestigious award at the UK VA Conference

Sarah attended our Executive PA course and followed it with our Virtual Assistant course.

Sarah’s background as an EA to senior corporate executives was ideal as a foundation for our Executive PA course which assisted her to expand her already broad range of skills. The Executive PA course further enhanced her ability to work towards profitable corporate objectives so as to fully synchronise her performance with her related executives and add true value to executive team output.

As she was a highly successful EA this greatly enhanced her ability to consider developing her own VA business.

Sarah was keen to start her own business so she made plans to form her new venture; her plan included the Souters’ VA course which assists to concentrate the mind on the completely different type of activity needed by a modern Virtual Assistant and especially the major differences and challenges between running one’s own business and working as a corporate employee.

The Souters’ VA course looks at business, financial and marketing planning going forward and how a VA can develop unique selling points for their business. It goes without saying that excellent communication, office and presentational skills are needed by anyone looking to become a successful VA.

Link to  Souters’ web site:

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