The ‘Star’ recognition for PAs may never be the same again …?

Creating one of the most appropriate and innovative recognitions for PAs …

As the landscape for PA Events, Shows, and Awards get set for significant change in 2016, have been busy discussing with our Members what they would like to see provided by the supporting groups and industry that serves the profession.

The topic of PA Awards and their value became repeatedly highlighted.

Various PA Awards are increasingly appearing, and there are now perhaps 10,000 reasons to enter for some of those Awards!

Almost all will operate a relatively standard format, and we will also see the intiative that is possibly the first primarily “competence only” based and branded ‘PA Award’ introduced in 2016.

We plan to continue to support as many of those super initiatives and established programmes as possible.

From our own analysis of activity, the PA Awards that we have specifically sponsored to date have probably failed to reach all of the corners of the territory and profession that they have been intended to cover. We do not consider this to be appropriately representative of the profession. That is incredibly disappointing, and has driven us to look further into what the most significant underlying reasons are.

Indeed, what appears to be increasingly evident in 2015 is that the wider appeal and take up by many talented individuals is probably not being achieved for a number of reasons. Most certainly, this does not meet our original vision and goals for our own PA Awards and those are significant benchmarks that we will now actively work to change and improve.

We now believe that a new alternative professional recognition programme is required.

This new innovation will be our ‘PA Stars’ programme.

We aim to acknowledge those that can be considered to be the very best at what they do.

A whole new format and options – not just another Award. Look out on Twitter for #PAStars.

More details will be released as they become available.

Thank you to our contributing Members, Judges, Sponsors, Partners and Stakeholders in developing and supporting the ‘PA Stars’ programmes for 2016. As we all agree, it will be original – and going forward, a very special initiative to support.

October 2015

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