Panel of Judges Update

Panel of Judges Update

As the reach and increase of interest in the UK VA Awards and Virtual Assistants continues to grow, we are delighted to announce updates and welcome leading professional and business figures as new members to the Panel of Judges.

Susan Moore of Moore Business – Deputy Chair for 2017 and 2018
Susan won the Outstanding VA crown 10 years ago in 2008, and she continues to build her VA business year on year. Susan continues to run a sustainable and successful VA business in Essex for more than ten years.

John Palmer, Chair of the Panel of Judges says, “We are very pleased to celebrate and honour the 10th anniversary of Susan’s original VA Award success. Susan has been a Judge for the VA Awards over the last three years. Susan always demonstrates that she has extremely professional balanced and unbiased views – and with her first hand business insight into running a successful VA business. We welcome Susan to her new position and she will prove to be a very capable, wise and dependable Deputy Chair.”
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Lina Bourden – Managing Director of City & Country Financial Services Ltd; Group Leader of FSB Women for London; Member of FSB National Taskforce “Women in Enterprise”
Lina has quickly made an impression on the business community in London, especially in her leading role with the Federation of Small Business (FSB Women), already being invited to Downing Street for consultative feedback.

John Palmer says, “Lina is extremely passionate about women being appropriately supported and succeeding in business. Lina is a highly qualified business professional, widely experienced, and working in the regulated environment of the financial services industry clearly demonstrate benchmark professional standards that Lina maintains and expects on a daily basis.”
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Rosemary Parr – Founder of the Global PA Association & Training Academy
Following a highly successful career with some of the UK’s largest companies, working for Chairman and CEOs and in the UK Parliament, Rosemary Parr founded a Professional Membership Association and Training Academy – Global PA Association & Training Academy – in 2006.

John says ”We are delighted to welcome Rosemary to the Panel of Judges. Rosemary is the ultimate professional who cares deeply about the profession and it’s ongoing professional education options and the scope of career development. A respected trainer in her own right, Rosemary’s high level experience will bring another dimension to how we consider candidates during the application and review processes.”
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Andrew Jardine – General Manager for The Institute of Administrative Management
Before joining the IAM in his current role in 2016, Andrew previously worked as a consultant where he developed a passion for developing people, leading him to train as a trainer with the CIPD, which began a training career specialising in management development.

John Palmer Says, “Andrew is quickly making significant strides in his work with the IAM, leading the changes that the organisation’s more recent group owners look to roll out. With his extensive experience of the business of learning and development, Andrew’s insight of the profession and experience of continuous professional development (CPD) will be a valuable asset to add to the multi-talented Panel.”
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