Moving House? Planning and Packing Tips

Moving House? Planning and Packing Tips

As an office professional, your time is precious and you have enough stress and strain in your day to day jobs without adding to it through a house move.

Moving house can be a trying experience but with a little forward planning, it doesn’t have to be – our removal partners ‘Pack and Go!’ has some timely tips.

Forward Planning

Don’t leave everything to the last minute.

Make lists of priority items and fragile or treasured possessions
If moving to a new country, check out if there are any restrictions on items entering the country.

  • Decide what can be discarded or dismantled before your moving date
  • Make or arrange any trips to the local recycling centre/waste disposal depot in excess of seven days before move day.
  • Send items to your local charity shop(s)
  • Book and set up at a local car boot sale for any appropriate items
  • Sell items on auction sites
  • Pass-on unwanted items, admired by others, to family and friends

Calculate the number of sturdy cardboard boxes, plastic crates and packing materials will be required (including tape and bubble wrap) and arrange for their availability (purchase or hire)

Spend time considering how you are going to pack your possessions.

Valuables need careful wrapping – so, allow sufficient time, and some items may need to be dismantled.

Finish your laundry and dry off before packing with other items.

Consider speciality items/areas – such as:

  • The use of self-sealing, clear plastic bags – to quickly identify items, such as nuts, bolts, screws to re-assemble items
  • Recycle newspapers and document shredding for lining boxes and packing materials for fragile goods
  • Pack ‘hazardous’ items separately, away from items that they may damage, for example bleach and clothing
  • Go through or clear attics, garages, garden sheds several days before moving date.
  • Prepare items such as washing machines and fridge freezers for moving (refer manufacturer’s instructions – many can be found on-line)
  • Save time and prepare items with complex cabling by clearly labelling what goes where!
  • Ensure you have notes of usernames and passwords for computers and your own wifi networks in case they need re-setting on reconnection.

Check that your insurances will provide cover for damage and breakages during the move
Collect in keys from neighbours, friends and family for handover
Check final meter readings and advise suppliers noting who you have spoken to.

Ask for advice on packing any fragile or large items, alternatively, pay a small surcharge for getting the professionals to handle those items for you.

Pack and Go!

  • Start early – it often takes much longer than anticipated if you are doing it all yourself – you may well get delayed by stumbling through old photographs and documents
  • Work room by room, one at a time, clearly labelling your boxes with original location and where it is going in your new home
  • Don’t over-fill boxes to the point whereby you can not lift them.
  • Mark boxes with fragile items
  • Wrap items individually, using packing materials and items that can be used for padding – such as pillows, towels and blankets
  • If you are using reclaimed boxes from say, the supermarket, make sure they are adequately clean and retain their strength
  • Suitcases can be utilised for packing clothes and similar items
  • Pack an “essentials” kit for your first hours in your new home – include tea/coffee, milk, sugar, plates, cups, saucers, toiletries, medications, torch, basic tool set (hammer, screwdrivers etc)
  • Pack important documents such as birth and marriage certificates, passports etc and keep them with you on the journey between the old and new homes
  • Take any particularly precious or valuable items with you – eg jewellery
  • Plan and arrange remaining items and boxes and decide which need to be loaded first (those being the last to be unloaded at the new home).

Unpacking and settling in your new home:

  • Check fixtures and fittings are as agreed.
  • Report any issues to your legal representatives asap
  • Check meter readings and advise suppliers and make a note of who you have spoken to.
  • Locate your essential items and prioritise what needs to be opened first.
  • It’s unlikely that you will unpack everything on the first day, so identify which boxes you may need as a priority, and which can be put to one side.
  • Report any damage items breakages or missing items to your removal professionals

Final tip: take photos!

Snaps of fragile items, antiques etc before you move and most importantly be ready to capture any mishaps or damage at the earliest opportunity. Some recommend to take a picture of the contents of your boxes as a reminder – for example that can work wonders with identifying items quickly at the unpack location– such as those precious outfits or shoes!

Authors: Pack and Go – International Removals for more than 30 years – more details :

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