Westminster Venues Collection go CSI

Westminster Venues Collection go CSI

Westminster Venues Collection partners with Huxley Events for CSI-themed fams

In an innovative approach to showcasing its offering, Westminster Venues Collection has teamed up with Huxley Events to host nearly 40 clients during a series of fams designed around a CSI theme.

Taking place on 12, 13, 15 and today (18) March, the events, planned with the expertise of a former Scotland Yard detective, offered attendees an opportunity to explore 39 of the Collection’s portfolio of 50 venues.

The first of the day-long adventures commenced at Broadway House, guiding participants through a curated itinerary that included the IET: Savoy Place, Great Scotland Yard Hotel, Central Hall Westminster, and Inner Temple, among other locations. Each venue provided a setting for a series of activities and challenges, including an immersive crime scene investigation at One Birdcage Walk, the lunch venue. The journey concluded at Inner Temple, where the event was wrapped up with a prize-giving, recognising the participants’ achievements throughout the day.

Attendees were equipped with crime kits and led through various forensic challenges, including fingerprinting, code cracking, and even a CSI quiz, all while enjoying the hospitality and unique atmospheres of each venue. The event not only showcased the versatility and quality of the venues within the Westminster Venues Collection but also demonstrated the Collection’s commitment to innovative and memorable event experiences.

Paul Martins, Chair of Westminster Venue Collection, remarked, “We are thrilled with the success of our CSI-themed fam trips, which have provided a unique and engaging platform for our clients to experience the best of what our 50 venues have to offer. Thank you to all the venues who participated and supported the making of these valuable events. This collaboration with Huxley Events underscores our commitment to innovation, and we have been excited by the attendees’ high levels of engagement throughout the week.”

Ella Mullett, Event Manager at Eventify, shared their enthusiasm, saying, “The CSI-themed fam trip was great fun. It was an unusual and interactive way to explore some of London’s premier event spaces and a great opportunity to network and engage with industry.”

This event marks a significant milestone in the growth of the Westminster Venues Collection, which now boasts 50 members, demonstrating its dedication to growth and the provision of exceptional and distinctive event venues.

For further information about Westminster Venues Collection, their full portfolio, and upcoming events, including their annual showcase on 17th September, please visit https://www.venues-london.co.uk

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