UK VA Awards – 2020 Grand Finals at #VACon20

UK VA Awards – 2020 Grand Finals at #VACon20

UK VA Awards – 2020 Grand Finals at #VACon20

Here are the Grand Finalists for UK Outstanding VA 2020

Apt Virtual Assistance – founder Sarah Szekir-Papasavva
Sarah is based in London and is the current holder of UK Best Newcomer VA 2019.

AptVA offers a range of Virtual Assistant and bilingual services.

Sarah has a Masters in Fine Arts, and enjoys finding creative solutions to individual clients’ needs.

A Virtual Assistant who the Panel of Judges noted as “one to watch” in last year’s UK VA Awards!

So, what next level of success awaits for Sarah and AptVA?

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Joanne Manville Virtual Assistance – founder Joanne Manville
Joanne is based in Devon and is the reigning UK Outstanding VA 2019

Joanne is a multi-award winning VA, starting on her journey as Runner-up UK Best Newcomer VA 2016, progressing on to South West VA of the Year titles for the South West in both 2017 and 2018; Runner-up England VA of the Year 2017; winning England VA of the Year in 2018, before her ultimate success in the UK VA Awards of 2019 at the UK VA Conference last February.

In building a team of professional associates, the business offers a wide range of VA services.

Much respect for this brave return to the Grand Finals to retain her title, and never previously achieved in consecutive years – will Joanne in 2020 create a new and unique Award winning milestone for VAs?

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We Are Queen Bee – founders Jane Moore and Helen Burton
Jane and Helen are based in Cheshire, and are the title holders of England VA of the Year 2019.

Multi-award winning VAs, starting out as Runner-up North West England VA of the Year 2016, Winners North West England VA of the Year 2017 and 2019,Runner up England VA of the Year 2017, and of course winners of the England title in 2019 – with many other regional and business awards on the way.

Jane and Helen are the first joint-founder VA partnership to win any level of UK VA Awards since the Awards’ inception in 2007. This pioneering duo are strong supporters of their local VA groups, networks and activities, with a group of associates to deliver a wide range of VA services.

Proud representatives of their region, and their combined range of business skills always make this team strong contenders for any Award they challenge for.

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