Reasons For Entering A Virtual Assistant Award

Reasons For Entering A Virtual Assistant Award

Caroline Wylie, Co-Founder of the Society of Virtual Assistants provides some key points …

There are many benefits to be had from entering a virtual assistant award competition. It is true that entering awards require an investment in time, but even if you don’t win, taking part in an industry-based award has other benefits. Not all the rewards occur at the same time, some take time to have an effect on your VA business, but it is usually always worth the time invested.

Let’s have a look at a few reasons why entering a virtual assistant award makes sense.

They can be a useful part of your overall marketing strategy:

You can gain lots of PR exposure form the publicity that comes with the awards. In most cases, the awards will be mentioned in industry press, and there is also a good chance it may be covered by the local or national press.

You can include the event in all your marketing media and channels. By adding it to your websites and social media channels you can leverage the buzz surrounding it. Also, your VA business can gain some free traffic from being associated with the awards before, during and even after the main event.

They can help you build professional credibility:

Being associated with a recognized industry award can help to improve your image. To potential and existing customers, it shows you can operate to the high standards required by judges. Also having the awards on your marketing materials gives some form of quality and trust stamp to your brand.

This can help you stand out from the crowd, making it easier for potential customers to differentiate you from other VA’s. When your potential clients see that you enter awards on a regular basis it will put their mind at ease as to whether or not your services are reliable.

Finally in the event that you decide to grow your VA business, and so choose to approach investors for funds, this can help to show them that your business is professional and worth investing in.

They can help you increase your network in the industry:

During the whole process of the awards, you are always interacting with your peers and judges. This goes on from when you enter the awards, to nominations, to the final award night. Awards are a great way for you to grow your professional network. They present a unique opportunity to build new relationships, by giving you access to many people you might not normally get to meet under one roof. At all the events you can meet and network with as many people as you have time for.

They can help you improve your overall Virtual Assistant business:

By entering the awards you are opening up yourself to being judged by leaders in the industry, so you will get an objective idea of where your VA business stands. You will also learn a lot about your business. For example, you will find out what your strengths are as well as where your weaknesses lie. This can provide you with a blueprint for improving your business for the following year.

Regardless of what stage your VA business is in, there are lots of positives to be gained from entering a virtual assistant award. The whole process of entering the wards can serve as a yearly project to showcase your VA business and test yourself against the best in your industry. There is a great sense of accomplishment that comes from being part of an event regardless of whether you win or not. You will gain a lot of confidence from completing the process, so go ahead an enter an event today, you will be glad you did.

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