Avery’s Green Office Week

Avery’s Green Office Week

Avery’s Green Office Week is returning for the 7th year on 11th May 2015 and offices everywhere are invited to be part of it with the launch of the Big Green Crowdsourced Guide.

Green Office Week takes place each year and encourages UK workers to think about the environment and implement small changes in the workplace. This year it’s all about listening and knowledge sharing with the creation of a special ‘crowdsourced guide’ to being greener in the office. During Green Office Week Avery will be encouraging the exchange of ideas and calling on offices around the UK for their green tips, suggestions and success stories for the guide. The overall aim is to create a huge source of green inspiration to be released on the final day of Green Office Week, Friday 15th May. Avery’s Marketing Director Fiona Mills explained how the guide will celebrate the UK’s green efforts at work:

“The success of Green Office Week has always been about the brilliant environmental efforts made by the UK’s office workers each year. From implementing small changes to launching new policies, year after year we continue to be impressed by the organisations who take part and help make a difference. We love finding out what’s worked well in the workplace and felt this should be shared and celebrated. So this year we’re calling for organisations of all sizes and sectors to send us their green advice, ideas and real life examples of making environmentally-friendly changes. We’ll be collating these during Green Office Week and as many as possible will be part of our Big Green Crowdsourced Guide, released at the end of the week.”

Contributions are already coming in for the Big Green Crowdsourced Guide but Avery plans to collect many more ideas during the week itself, as office workers participate in Green Office Week’s daily themes and activities. Whether it’s tips for saving energy, the benefits of being green or creative ways of reducing and reusing waste at work – all suggestions are welcome and can be sent to UKSocial@avery.com any time before Friday 15th May. Businesses and individuals who contribute to the guide will be fully credited and their green ideas recognised, plus there will be prizes for the best suggestions.

Continuing with this year’s theme of sharing and learning, there will also be plenty of daily discussion on Avery’s social media channels during the week using #greenoffice15. Each day Avery will be talking about how you can make office traditions, like the tea round and the lunch break, more environmentally friendly with daily prizes for participants. Prizes on offer during the week include recycled stationery and office accessories as well as eco-friendly treats.

The results of a survey looking at attitudes towards green efforts in the office will also be revealed during the week. The new research will explore the motivations behind being greener at work as well as what gets in the way of green change.

Taking place from the 11th to the 15th May, Green Office Week is set to be an inspiration-packed occasion, with a huge focus on knowledge and idea sharing for the good of the environment. Keep up with the latest from Green Office Week via social media at www.facebook.com/UKAvery  or follow @UKAvery. Don’t forget you can send your green advice and ideas for the Big Green Crowdsourced Guide to UKsocial@avery.com.

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