Robert Walters – Hiring Intentions Reports rise by more than 30%


  • 31% of hiring managers say that they plan to hire more secretarial and support professionals in the second half of the year than the first
  • Mid-level professionals will be in highest demand with 83% of employers planning to hire at this level, while 69% will be looking to recruit junior professionals.
  • 47% of employers said that business growth would drive their hiring decisions in the second half of the year

Research from specialist professional recruiter Robert Walters has revealed that 31% of employers plan to hire more secretarial and support professionals in the second half of the year than the first.

With the uncertainty of the General Election having passed and despite ongoing Brexit negotiations, many firms are looking to expand, with 43% of employers saying that business growth will drive their hiring strategies in the second half of the year.

This, in turn, is driving demand for secretarial and administrative staff who can provide vital support for growing teams.

Gill Owen, Manager comments:

“Businesses across a range of sectors are spurring demand for secretarial and support professionals.”

“A steady stream of roles have been available from large, established firms but it is smaller, startup companies, particularly in growth fields such as fintech, which have been responsible for the most significant spikes in demand.”


The research also revealed that mid-level professionals are the most sought after, with 83% of businesses planning to hire support professionals at this level. Junior professionals are also highly sought after, with 63% planning to hire at this level.

Gill Owen continues:

“While demand is high for secretarial professionals, cost pressure have led businesses to look for staff who can demonstrate a high degree of adaptability and the ability to take on multiple responsibilities and projects.”

“As a result, secretarial and support professionals who can demonstrate experience providing project management support and have the ability to succeed in a role where the ability to respond the rapidly changing needs of the business is essential.”

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