Green-light for Council-run EV Charging

Green-light for Council-run EV Charging


Survey finds motorists support the Government call for local authorities to be responsible for Electric Vehicle charging infrastructure across the UK

Findings from the latest Venson Automotive Solutions survey of UK motorists reveal that 43% back a Government proposal for local authorities to be responsible for planning and delivering an electric vehicle infrastructure. 28% believe that a national organisation, such as Highways England, would be better placed to take on the responsibility. 1 in 5 would prefer to see private organisations specialising in EV charging – such as Shell EV or Pod Point – run the charging infrastructure independently, albeit on a regional level.

A consultation is being carried out through the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV)[i] – a cross-departmental government team – on the introduction of a raft of new legislation and regulations to support the uptake of electric vehicles, including new legal duties for councils in England and Wales.

According to OZEV, there is a great divide between the size and quality of EV infrastructure local authorities have achieved to date – some have taken positive steps while others have yet to identify the changes they could make.

The Venson survey also reveals that motorists in Northern Ireland, London, the South East and Anglia lend the greatest support to their local authority shouldering the EV infrastructure responsibility, whilst those in the West Midlands, Yorkshire & Humberside and Wales, are the least in favour.

“The Government is proposing introducing a statutory obligation for local authorities to plan and deliver EV infrastructure in their area,” explained Alison Bell, Marketing Director at Venson Automotive Solutions. “Our survey shows that whilst driver opinion is split, more motorists believe responsibility should lie with local councils rather than other organisations.

“With the right funding and statutory obligations on councils we should see less well-served areas have improved charging infrastructure which will help to meet the needs of all communities. We would hope that such a move would encourage more drivers to adopt an EV ahead of the 2030 deadline.”


1An open consultation on the Government proposal is open until 22nd November:

Future of transport regulatory review: zero emission vehicles

Author: Venson

[1] Source:

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