BeMyVA to reveal all at #VACon20 …

Be sure to catch up with at The PA Show … has now been a ‘live’ project for over 10 years. After extensive testing by Virtual Assistants from 21 countries, it was ‘build 4’ unveiled to the World Wide Web in 2012!

The new decade and progression of trends and practices in the profession calls for a ‘new look’ and format to activities to best support Virtual Assistants in the UK. founder, John Palmer says, “at the UK VA Conference of 2019, I indicated that the digital world moves on at apace and had been a leading pioneer of its day.

When we finally launched in 2012 today’s tech giants, such as Google, did not have the depth of reach it has today and the highly popular networking platform LinkedIn, launched in 2003/2004, was still extremely limited with its search capabilities way back then!

Arguably, BeMyVA went some distance to bridging that gap for Virtual Assistants and has continually pioneered initiatives to support and ‘connect Business with Virtual Assistants’.

Almost every VA directory since launched across the globe has pretty much copied BeMyVA’s approach and data display formats. People have often said to me that the act of being copied, and quite blatantly at times, is the biggest compliment anyone can ever give you, and perhaps that really is the case!

Following on from the #VACon19 and comments made, we went on to publish this article: Virtual Assistant Directories – top tips & thoughts with 6 more easy checks! Click here to read in full:

Our thoughts at are little changed.

So, the dawn of 2020 provides us all with a new threshold to a new digital decade”. will now focus on the niche of continuing to promote and educate the business world about the ‘Outstanding Award Winning VAs’ – looking to connect the very best of the very best VAs.

The directory, to satisfy the criteria, will now also have a ‘new look’ and be operated on an “invitation only” basis, primarily for those VAs that have been successful in winning an appropriately recognised award.

We would sincerely like to thank all of our supporters, partners, trainers, contributors, and members, (past, present and future) for their belief and commitment to our vision for the Virtual Assistant profession – new horizons must be explored!

Be sure to drop in to see BeMyVA and take a peek at the new look and content for 2020, and how Outstanding VAs may be listed on this leading directory of Virtual Assistants. See you all soon!

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