Wellbeing in the workplace – iHasco publishes White Paper

Wellbeing in the workplace is increasingly gathering more attention, yet business owners and workplace managers are often left in the dark on how to help those struggling with mental ill-health. A new mental health in the workplace whitepaper released by iHASCO, a market-leading provider of eLearning, addresses the most common questions around mental-ill health and provides practical guidance to support good mental health at work.

It is now well recognised that businesses which prioritise employee wellbeing outperform those who don’t. Research consistently shows that employees perform better when they are healthy, motivated and focused. For example, Deloitte concludes that for every £1 invested on employee wellbeing, employers can expect to see an average of £4.20 in return By supporting employee wellbeing, organisations can reap benefits such as enhanced morale, commitment, productivity, innovation and lower employee turnover.

However, with many managers and business owners not sure where to even start, creating an open and supportive workplace culture requires resources and education – something that is not always readily available. The new whitepaper aims to alleviate the pressure on businesses and delivers a comprehensive step-by-step handbook detailing how to embed employee wellbeing into organisational culture.

Line managers and HR professionals can implement the practical advice immediately as the resource details the key skills and competencies that are required to create an atmosphere in which employees feel comfortable talking about their mental health and wellbeing. Managers do not need to become experts on mental health, but by simply creating a supportive culture they can help their staff and organisation reap the rewards of having an engaged and satisfied workforce.

“Mental health in the workplace has definitely started to get the attention it needs and deserves, but practical advice on how businesses can improve the wellbeing of their staff can still be hard to come by. That is why we have created a resource that details many simple, achievable steps that any organisation or individual can take to improve their own and others’ mental health,” says Lottie Galvin, Mental Health First Aider at iHASCO.

“The truth is that mental-ill health has a more far-reaching impact than we are commonly aware of. It doesn’t just affect the individual, it can also influence those in their team and this can hinder productivity, job satisfaction and financial success. Managers should know how to better handle situations when people in their team are struggling, yet they often don’t have the resources to enable this. Our whitepaper can be used as a starting point on their journey towards supporting the mental health and wellbeing of their workforce,” adds Galvin.

Earlier this year, iHASCO launched six mental health courses designed to help organisations inspire better management practices in the workplace and cultivate an open and honest culture that allows employees to feel they can speak up. Each course provides workers with tools, guidance and extra resources to manage their mental wellbeing on a daily basis.

Link to Whitepaper: www.ihasco.co.uk/support/resources/entry/mental-health-wellbeing#whitepaper-download

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