UK Virtual Assistant Survey 2024 – closing soon!

UK Virtual Assistant Survey 2024 – closing soon!

UK Virtual Assistant Survey 2024 – sponsored by WorkSmartPA

Virtual Assistant’s be sure to have your say!

The UK VA Survey 2024 has now been launched  to capture useful data on the trends of the Virtual Assistant Profession.

In the biggest survey of real virtual assistant businesses, we get a sneak peak of:

  • what VAs charge
  • where they get their clients
  • how they market their businesses
  • how the rise in living costs has affected their business
  • and where they see the industry going…

It’s where you can find out what actually happens inside VA businesses, rather than what they post on social media or what they want to boast about at networking events.

It has been a few years of big changes for all industries, the VA industry has been hugely affected, and we want to know what’s working for you and where you need more help.

In our 14th year of compiling this unique piece of research, we can only publish with your help.

You can complete the survey here.

Reasons to fill in the UK virtual assistant survey:

  • Results will be completely anonymous
  • We need 10% of the industry surveyed to make it statistically valid
  • Use it to market your business
  • Justify rate increases with statistically valid data
  • Use it to benchmark your business against others
  • What’s changed over the last three years?
  • Use it to promote the VA industry
  • This information does not exist in any other format for VAs
  • It’s for all UK-based virtual assistants, not just SVA members, so share it widely!
  • The VAs who make it statistically valid get a full copy of the Survey (1st 10% of the industry) and there will be opportunities to purchase at a discounted rate for those who filled it after the 10%.

So to help compile essential information for the Virtual Assistant profession, please complete the survey here

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