UK VA Awards 2016 – Important Announcement

UK VA Awards 2016 – Important Announcement proudly announce that the largest Business Show in the UK, with more than 25,000 visitors over 2 days, The Great British Business Show have invited the presentation of the 2016 VA Awards for the UK’s Best Newcomer VA to be made at their Autumn Show in Olympia, London (17th to18th November 2016).

The presentation of the VA Awards will be taking place on Thursday 17th November 2016 in the Going Global theatre alongside seminars outlining the value of professional business support in all of your home markets, new territories and internationally. With Brexit at the forefront of the minds of the business community, the “Going Global” sector of the event is already the hottest ticket for this year’s show.

The VA Awards have been running in the UK since 2007. through acquisition were invited to take on the role of organising the Awards programme from 2013.

John Palmer, CEO of says, “We have made significant progress with the UK’s professional VA Awards in the 3 years that have been supporting, directing and organising the Award programmes.

Firstly, we committed to revising the application and judging processes to a benchmark level that would meet any leading business award criteria.

Secondly, we are continuing to work hard to expand the VA Awards with a wider participation reach that has Regional Awards to enable powerful promotional support for more VA business owners to grow their businesses as recognised professional Award winners in their local business communities.

Thirdly, over the last 5 years we are continuing to build on our work as in raising the awareness of the added value of these multi-skilled professionals in supporting business entities – from entrepreneurs and start ups to multi-national and Plcs.

Fourthly, we have always encouraged new enterprise, entrepreneurs and start-ups to consider how they can work with a Virtual Assistant to forge at least an initial presence in a new territory – and most probably at a fraction of the cost of engaging the more traditional professionals to set up the essential foundations for any office and local admin requirements.

To now have the VA Awards recognised and acknowledged by the largest business show in the British Isles is a quantum step forward for the VA profession across the whole of the UK. We are delighted to be working with the Prysm Group at this show – we can only thank them for this opportunity, their support, and shared vision for professional Virtual Assistants in the business world.”

Going Global’s Event Director, Simon Chicken has been looking to support BeMyVA’s efforts in raising the profile of Virtual Assistants in the business community for quite some time. He says, “As soon as we could see the opportunity of how our event platform could help support this stage of the UK VA Awards programme, recognising the value of VAs to help business grow, we were keen to see BeMyVA and the VA Awards participating in our shows this Autumn.

Prysm Group’s CEO, Nick Moss sees this development as a welcome addition to the Show’s evolving content recognising that Virtual Assistants can add much value to a business here in the UK and also in expanding in new territories, global markets and networks.”

How can I engage with to help my business? is the world`s leading independent international VA Directory with a growing Virtual Assistant community of more than 6,500 VAs that provide thousands of enterprises with support services – including marketing activities; event, social media, diary, and/or travel management; admin and accounting. continually raise awareness amongst the business community of the value of VAs, with our directory connecting entrepreneurs and business leaders with Virtual Assistants. organise regional and national VA Award programmes and support the ongoing development of professional standards of VAs by working with the world`s leading organisations and associations. plays the role of enabling connections – it’s free to use – just search the directory for your business support solution or skill-set requirement – and as you would with any new supplier, create your own independent commercial arrangement with your self-selected business support provider.

As you might expect, many of our members are the outstanding Virtual Assistant Award winners recognised by their own profession.

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