Research reveals what employees really want for Christmas

  • Employees prefer food and beverage over gift cards, technology and stationary
  • Personalisation is most important factor for determining satisfaction with gift
  • Businesses spend up to £150 on client gifts and under £50 on employees

A survey by a luxury food and beverage provider has revealed which Christmas gifts are most preferred by British employees.

Cartwright & Butler surveyed nearly 500 office workers from a diverse range of industries to uncover British corporate gifting habits ahead of the festive season.

While Christmas seems like a long time away, many companies have already started planning for the festive season, with some booking their Christmas parties as soon as June.

The research revealed food and beverage products were the most sought after gift from employees, with almost a half (49%) of participants hoping to receive chocolates, hampers and alcohol in comparison with gift vouchers (47%), technological items (28%) and stationary (27%).

More than half of the businesses surveyed admitted to spending more on client gifts than for staff. 57 per cent of companies spend up to £150 on a client gift, while 43 per cent spend under £50 per staff gift.

More than a quarter (27%) of recipients of food and beverage gifts admitted to re-gifting the item to family and friends, while less than half (40%) would share their tasty treats with colleagues.

An overwhelming majority (94%) said that how personal and thoughtful their staff Christmas gift is determines whether they will feel grateful or disappointed.

Nigel Arnett, ‘The Butler Service’ Concierge Manager at Cartwright & Butler, said: “Giving a thoughtful and personal gift to employees is a great way to show gratitude to staff for their hard work throughout the year.

“It’s no surprise that employees want a gift that is thoughtful, indulgent and above all – personal to them. Companies who make the effort to get their staff Christmas gifts right will reap the rewards of increased productivity, motivation, while boosting their retention rates.”

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