BMA House unveils sustainable makeover of Great Hall

BMA House unveils sustainable makeover of Great Hall

BMA House, a leading sustainable venue in the heart of London and home to the British Medical Association, has completed a sustainable makeover of its iconic Great Hall. This transformation marks another significant step in BMA House’s ongoing commitment to environmental responsibility, whilst delivering exceptional experiences to clients.

The Great Hall, known for its grandeur and historic significance, has undergone a makeover that aligns seamlessly with BMA House’s dedication to sustainability. The renovation focused on minimising waste and reducing the environmental impact of the project from start to finish.

Just one of the sustainable initiatives during the makeover was the removal of the old carpet. Rather than sending it to landfill, the carpet tiles were reduced to their component parts. The yarns from the old carpet were rescued and processed to be regenerated into new products, achieving a full cyclic reuse. This not only prevented waste but also showcased a commitment to sustainable practices that resonate with the venue’s eco-conscious clientele.

The new design of the Great Hall features a soothing colour scheme, creating a warm and neutral ambiance. This versatile backdrop is intentionally designed to appeal to a wide range of event organisers and private clients who can customise the space according to their own unique themes and company colours.

To complement the newly laid carpet, BMA House has invested in Burgess chairs, supplied by the sustainable manufacturer Burgess Furniture. Burgess Furniture has a legacy of “Thinking Green” for over 50 years, with a focus on using environmentally friendly materials in their products. These new chairs not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of the Great Hall but also contribute to the venue’s sustainability goals.

As part of the sustainability commitment, the old chairs were responsibly removed from the site and recycled through the Business2Schools charity initiative, which repurposes office furniture and technology to improve learning environments for children and students in UK state schools.

Kat Winfield, Venue Manager, concludes: “Our Great Hall makeover reflects our dedication to creating an environmentally responsible, versatile, and elegant space for events of all kinds. It exemplifies our ongoing mission to lead by example in sustainable practices within the hospitality and event industry, whilst providing industry leading facilities for our clients.”

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